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Small purple flowers on a book.

Photo: Sixteen Miles Out

The cover of Parallel, which shows hands painted with a blue galaxy backdrop being pierced by an arrow.

A collection that imagines paths not taken as 

parallel universes, Parallel was published by 

Another New Calligraphy in 2017. It is now out of print.


One poem in Glass Poetry

Two Poems in Luna Luna Magazine




"These poems bring together rage and paper dolls, out of order oracles and concrete bassinets, dandelion seeds and succubi. Kyle is a poet of a universe that adjusts, disfigures, corrects, and consoles the bright void of this world, a parallel in which every red dress is lit with blood or drenched in flame."


—Traci Brimhall, author of Rookery and Our Lady of the Ruins

"As the reader enters the 'illuminated world' that Kyle has constructed, they will discover the most provocative epistemological and metaphysical disruptions.  Kyle is an exciting and necessary voice in contemporary poetry."


—Kristina Marie Darling, author of Dark Horse and The Disappointment Acts

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